Which kind of body shapes do You have?

All of us are dreaming about a closet full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish clothes!… Great is, when everything suits you! But how to buy the right pieces?! One of the most important criteria is to choose the clothes adequately to your body shape. But do you now which kind of body shape do You have? Continue reading “Which kind of body shapes do You have?”

Welcome to my magical visit of Disneyland!

Hi Guys!

The national children’s day is just around the corner! Do you know how you want to spend this important day?! Great would be to feel one more time like a child … Continue reading “Welcome to my magical visit of Disneyland!”

How the perfect City Outfit looks like?!


The City Outfit has to be comfortable easy, but chic and never boring! If you know, you make a city tour without “jumping” and “climbing” on stairs, you can change the Continue reading “How the perfect City Outfit looks like?!”

Statement Earrings – Must Have For Summer…

Statement earrings belong to the spring – summer season!

The designer and high street shops offer so many different ear jewelry, but which one does suit to us?! Continue reading “Statement Earrings – Must Have For Summer…”

What to Wear as Wedding Guest?

With the upcoming spring months one of the most beautiful and romantic celebrations begin – the WEDDINGS. I can’t hide that this is one of my favorite ceremonies.  Continue reading “What to Wear as Wedding Guest?”