Just a White Shirt…?

Hello darlings…

After my travel to Europe, my flu case and my family visit in Vietnam – I’m back! I’m so sorry to make such a big, long break from writing.

Today I want to confirm why every stylish woman loves a white shirt.

A white piece of wardrobe is everything except boring! Continue reading “Just a White Shirt…?”


2018 is the year of hair accessories! From the small, delicate clasps, hair vine or circles to big, crested crowns or hairbands to build the look – perfectly fitting to you. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so do you have already some ideas what you are going to give your BELOVED?! Continue reading

Pastel City Outfit

Who from us doesn’t like this delicate, tender, tenuous tones. Continue reading “Pastel City Outfit”

Being In a Good Mood…


If outside it’s not pretty, it’s raining and grey, I need something “sunny” next to me. Just few stuff which change the day, give me some positive energy, keep me in a good mood Continue reading “Being In a Good Mood…”

Romantic Beach Outfit …

I left the City to spend the weekend on the south – east coast of Vietnam. For the Saturday romantic look Continue reading “Romantic Beach Outfit …”

Rooftop Party…

Hi Guys!

I hope You had yesterday a lot of fun to celebrate the New Year Eve Party!

I wish all of You a Happy New YEAR!! Continue reading “Rooftop Party…”